Why Drapery Cleaning Matters to Your Home and Health

Drapes and window blinds can make a home more beautiful. They cover windows to keep your home cooler or warmer. The problem is, very few of us actually look at window draperies and think about cleaning them. This poses a major issue for not only the way your home looks, but your overall health. Do you know why drapery cleaning matters to your home a health?

For the home, clean drapes will make the windows look more inviting. They can dim the blazing sun so that it does not come into your home as freely. They can keep winter’s chill away from your home’s interior, stopping it at the window. They also work as dust traps. They collect dirt and oils from your hands when you touch them to open them up. They take damage from the sun’s constant UV rays. The more you clean them, the longer the fabric or material will be able to hold up for a longer period of time without damage, without permanent stains, and without making your house look gross when you have already spent time cleaning it.

When it comes to your health, you also have to take a long look at your drapes and other window treatments, whether you have blinds or simple curtains. The simple fact that draperies and window treatments catch dust can make it hard for you to be healthy in your home. It can lead to allergies and an increased risk of asthma. The reason for this is the material of drapes are literally magnets. The fabric is made of little tiny strands that are woven together. The weave creates tiny squares and those tiny squares catch and hold dust. The curtains that are in the brightest sun and the ones that you adjust most often are going to hold even more dirt and dust particles.

If you feel like you are sneezing more than normal or you are having a lot of breathing issues, cleaning your house may not be enough to help with allergens. You can try it and dust your entire home, but if you forget the draperies, you are still not going to get total relief. Now is the time, spring and summer makes dust worse than ever and the only way you will stop sneezing this fall and winter is to clean your drapes.

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