How to Handle Draperies and Cleaning Them Effectively

When you are tired of looking at dirty draperies, you may feel as though the only way to clean them is to hire someone to do it for you. It is true that a professional is probably the best one for the job. They know how to evaluate the fabric and know what it will take to ensure that your draperies look as good as new. If you prefer to avoid the expense, you should take a good look at how to handle draperies and cleaning them effectively.

The best way you can tackle drapes is to first have a vacuum cleaner that will enable you to do it. Ideally, your vacuum will have an upholstery brush and a crevice brush if you have pleats in the draperies. To do this, you will want to take the curtains down and lay them on a flat surface. Using the upholstery brush should be good on most curtains as long as the only thing stuck to it is dust. If you smoke in the home or use wood heat, you may want to attempt to clean it more thoroughly.

In some cases, you can machine wash curtains to eliminate the dust and foul odors that may attach to them. You should be aware though that some curtains will shrink when exposed to water, especially if you dry them in a dryer. It is best to hang them back on the curtain rod when they are still damp to ensure they don’t shrink. Delicate curtains, such as those that are made with lace or a lot of decorations, will need to be hand washed or steam cleaned. You will want to avoid hand washing drapes that are very heavy because it will take them longer to dry out and you will take a chance on it dripping all over your floor.

If you have a way of steam cleaning your curtains, it is the best option available for most people and those heavier drapes. You should, however, read the directions completely and use a soap that will not damage the material you are cleaning. A good idea is to avoid soaking the drapes. If you notice that they are becoming wet, you will need to back off the machine to keep them dryer and avoid the mess that may come from wet curtains.

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