Designed to aid in the development of
Xaml-based applications,
Caliburn.Micro implements a variety of
UI patterns for solving real-world problems.

  • Implement your architecture with MVVM, MVP or MVC.
  • Solve complex UI architecture problems with ease.
  • Write maintainable and extensible code.
  • Use any dependency injection container.
  • Build TDD-friendly applications.

MVVM Study

How Caliburn.Micro improves Xaml Solutions:

  1. Extends databinding to methods, making MVVM architectures simple and intuitive.
  2. Simplifies asynchronous programming through a powerful implementation of Coroutines.
  3. Encourages a convention over configuration approach to architecting solutions.
  4. Provides interfaces and class implementations supporting common UI roles such as Screen Activator, Screen Conductor and Screen Collection.
  5. Enables use of the same API for WPF, SL4/SL5, WP7/WP8 and WinRT/Metro.

Who's Behind It:

Blue Spire, a Tallahassee, FL. based software development firm specializing in user interface architecture.  Rob Eisenberg is currently the lead architect and developer. If you like Caliburn.Micro, we hope you will also check out Durandal and Unity Databinding.

Designed By: Blue Spire Consulting